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View414 Business Computer Applications ACohortIDLAStandardHigh SchoolBUS107100050BUS105Electiveshttps://slor.s3.amazonaws.com/unlicensed/PTEBusiness/ComputerApplications/Academy/2015IDLA-SemA/CourseDocs/Syllabus%26Schedule.docxBusiness Computer Applications A (CTE Digital) is a comprehensive course to develop and apply basic skills in word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Students will review basic computer and keyboarding skills and explore specific skills in business productivity applications. Students will learn application skills which align to the Microsoft certification requirements. This course recommends the use of Microsoft Office 2013 but also includes instruction for students using Microsoft Office 2010. Requirements: Microsoft Office 2013 (or 2010) with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Mac or PC with audio capabilities ** This course is not Chromebook-compatible and students may not do any of the assignments in Google Docs or Sheets. All assignments and instructions are for Microsoft Office. **
View424 Business Computer Applications BCohortIDLAStandardHigh SchoolBUS107100051BUS106Electiveshttps://slor.s3.amazonaws.com/unlicensed/PTEBusiness/ComputerApplications/Academy/2015IDLA-SemB/CourseDocs/Syllabus%26Schedule.docxBusiness Computer Applications B is a comprehensive course to extend basic skills in word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database applications. Students will expand on basic computer application skills and explore advanced skills in business productivity applications. Students will learn application skills which align to the Microsoft certification requirements and will have the opportunity to take the certification tests. This course recommends the use of Microsoft Office 2013. This course is CTE approved. Prerequisites: Business Computer Applications A This course is NOT Chromebook compatible or Mac compatible because it utilizes Microsoft Access, which is only available on PC. Required textbooks and resources: Microsoft Office 2013 with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. PC with audio capabilities. There is no textbook required for this class. All required resources are available through the online course.
View428 Exploring Computer ScienceCohortIDLAStandardHigh SchoolCS101_2100012CS101Electiveshttps://slor.s3.amazonaws.com/unlicensed/PTEInformationalTechnology/FundamentalsOfIT/Academy/Module1/Unit1/Documents/CS101CourseSyllabusSchedule.docxExploring Computer Science is an exploratory course that forms the foundation for several CTE Digital Career Pathways within Information Systems and Technology. It is the first academic class for dual credit and AP Computer Science pathways including Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science, Web Development I and Web Development II. This course includes the same content as the course previously named Fundamentals of IT, which is the CTE title. The course is designed to give students a basic understanding of what a computer is as well as Hardware, Software, Troubleshooting, Networks, and the Internet. The course also presents development concepts that include basic HTML/Web Design, an introduction to Programming, Video Game Design and Mobile App Development as well as Career Exploration. Prerequisites: NONE Textbook: All material will be provided online. Computer Requirements: A PC or Mac is required for this online course. While other devices like Chromebooks or iPads may work for parts of this course, there are elements of the course that will require a PC or Mac to complete. Students should have access to a PC or Mac for this course. Additionally, students will need access to Blockly, Scratch, AppInventor, and Sploder to complete assignments. Computers should be no older than five years old and have a strong connection to the internet. This course is part of the following course roadmaps: "Cisco Roadmap", "DC Web Development Roadmap"
View200 Fundamentals of Health ProfessionsCohortIDLAStandardHigh SchoolPTEH301140010PTEH301Electiveshttps://slor.s3.amazonaws.com/unlicensed/PTEHealthProfessions/Academy/2015IDLASEMA/Module1/Unit1/Docs/PTEH301_HealthProfessions_syllabus_schedule.docFundamentals of Health Professions: This course is designed to provide a broad understanding of the US health care system and an introduction to the roles of various members of the health team. Current trends in healthcare delivery are briefly discussed. Selected moral, ethical and legal medical dilemmas are included. This one-semester course meets Idaho standards for CTE Digital - Health Professions (not general health standards). Fundamentals of Health Professions introduces you to the healthcare industry by providing the background required for all jobs in healthcare and a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology. The course serves as the prerequisite for students planning to enter the CNA, basic EMT, pharmacy technology, or other healthcare programs. The skills learned in this course are transferable to many health occupations. Other topics include; anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, ethics and safety, and industry leadership. Students are REQUIRED to obtain an approved CPR certification by the end of the course. The recommended option would be Health Care Provider CPR, but other certifications are acceptable. Cost of the CPR training is the responsibility of the student.
View211 Medical TerminologyCohortIDLAStandardHigh SchoolPTEH303141540PTEH303Electiveshttps://slor.s3.amazonaws.com/unlicensed/PTEMedicalTerminology/2017IDLASemA/CourseDocs/PTEH303Syllabus2017.docxThis online course is designed for basic mastery of the fundamentals of medical terminology. It is designed to: • introduce the student to the fundamentals of medical terminology. It includes word structure of basic medical/surgical terms and procedures, body systems and organs, pathophysiology (disorders), and commonly used medical abbreviations. • provide a basic understanding of medical language and the components used in terminology. • provide an introduction to medical terms in proper contexts, such as medical reports and records. • focus on the body systems; basic anatomy and physiology. At the end of this course the student should be able to: • identify medical terms accurately, promptly, and with correct pronunciation and spelling. • demonstrate a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology and associated medical terms. The course meets Idaho standards for CTE Digital – Medical Terminology. Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Health Professions or Dual Credit Health Professions. Required Textbook: The Language of Medicine by Davi-Ellen Chabner (2013). ISBN: 978-1455728466.The 9th edition of this textbook will also be adequate for the course although the page numbers will be off slightly.